Bowls and Dishes

Bowls and dishes in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes, using different techniques showing the versatility of glass.

Large Bowls

These three large bowls, Peppermint Ice (£110.00), Port Meadow Bowl (£150.00) and Autumn Leaves (£200.00) Each of these is about 35-40cm.

Medium Sized Bowls

Blue and clear stripes (£45.00) Blue fruit basket (£45.00)

Bowls and dishes may be regular shapes and sizes using conventional moulds, or created by draping glass over kiln bricks in such a way to create organic shapes. No two bowls are ever exactly the same. They vary in size from 10cm to 45cm

Long Bowls

Three different styles of working with glass

Crackled Green Spring Leaf (£50.00), Blue Ice (£50.00), Blue basket (£45.00)

Autumn Leaves 

Draped Bowls

Long leaf dish (£50.00), Larger leaf "basket" dish (£40.00) Oval leaf dish (£50.00).

Smaller bowls

  1. Very small ring/oddment bowls £10.00 each +p&p (c. 5-7 cm)
  2. Blue Bowl (c. 15cm), orange swirl (c. 17cm), purple crackle (c 12 cm) £30.00 each + p&p
  3. Green pocket handkerchief £20.00 + p&p (c. 12 x 12 x 12 cm)